One of World Outreach’s five focuses is ‘raising leaders’. Consequently, we are committed to the training, equipping, and mobilisation of pastors and leaders across the majority world* for ministry and mission.


Since 1978, World Outreach has conducted pastors and leaders’ seminars in the majority world. Well over 100,000 leaders have attended one or more of these training events in Asia, Africa, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.


Firstly, pastors and leaders in the majority world are often untrained or have limited Bible knowledge or ministry skills to lead their local churches; however, they love God deeply and are passionately committed to the kingdom of God. The cry for relevant training from these leaders across the world is staggering in size and scale.

One of the foundational ways in which leaders can be developed is through intentional, focused, and contextually-relevant leadership training.

Secondly, WO recognises that conventional missionaries are not going to be able to accomplish the massive task of reaching the unreached people groups (UPGs) alone. The answer is to equip and mobilise the church in the majority world to reach out to near neighbour people groups with whom they share an affinity of culture, ethnicity, or language.

This, too, can only be accomplished through the ongoing development of leaders who will be equipped to mobilise their churches for mission.


WO has an experienced team of practitioners from different cultural backgrounds who bring a wealth of experience and expertise.


The seminars are run for two different demographics. The first is pastors, and the second is emerging leaders (aged 18-35). In some countries, both groups are targets, but in other places it is one or the other.


Does WO do its own thing or does it work with existing ministries and/or movements?

WO values partnership. In regard to leadership development, WO partners with key leaders or missionaries in the respective nations. WO seeks to serve what is already taking place in the nation without being aligned with any particular denomination.

How are the topics determined?

Wherever possible, an exploratory trip to potential nations is arranged before conducting a seminar. The purposes of the visit are to: meet WO personnel and key national leaders, ascertain leadership training needs, and set dates for future training seminars.

Is there a set curriculum?

Yes and no. YES, for the LOL (Leaders of Leaders) emerging leaders’ programme, which is culturally adjusted. NO, every nation’s leadership training needs are different, so (after consultation with local leaders) the topics are tailored for the particular context.

Is there only a single seminar or is there ongoing development?

WO is committed to go back and work with the same group of people for three to five years, depending on the context. Three-day seminars are run once a year in each location. This is why the partnership with key local leaders is crucial: it means the information shared at the seminar will have an ongoing application.


How are the target nations chosen?

WO applies a number of criteria in determining which nations to target for leadership training seminars:

  • Large numbers of UPGs in the nation or surrounding nations
  • WO has a presence or a key partner in the nation
  • WO has the expertise to be able to help the specific leadership training needs
  • The leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit (e.g. Macedonian call in Acts 16:9-10)
  • The nation has a strong church and has the potential to ‘send’ out missionaries


What are the goals of the leadership training seminars?

  • To develop the emerging generation of leaders
  • To equip pastors and leaders with skills to develop their leadership and grow their churches
  • To develop ‘trainers’ in these strategic locations
  • To encourage, strengthen, and minister to pastors and leaders
  • To inspire, equip, and mobilise churches for cross-cultural ministry (especially to UPGs)

The ultimate goal is to equip and mobilise the church to grow prevailing churches and mobilise them for effective cross-cultural missions.

How are the seminars funded?

In the majority of countries, the pastors and leaders who attend do not have the financial means to cover the costs, so WO raises sponsorship to fund the seminars. The seminars operate because of the faithful and generous giving of people, churches, and businesses. The sponsorship works out to an average of US$ 50-75 per leader, per seminar. This cost covers their transportation, meals, accommodation, and notes. In addition, the costs for the Leadership Development Team’s flights and expenses also have to be raised.

Are the seminars exclusively for teaching or is there opportunity for ministry?

The seminars are primarily focussed on leadership development, but time is taken in every seminar to minister to each attendee by preaching and the laying on of hands.

*Majority world refers to the developing countries within Asia, Africa Latin America. A synonymous term is the ‘Global South’.

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