Emerging leaders in Egypt.

New opportunities and possibilities

IN LATE 2013 I visited three nations. First, I went back to Egypt to conduct the first of many emerging leaders seminars. Over 120 young leaders from across Egypt gathered for three days of teaching and training. It was so exciting to see a new generation of young Arab leaders rising with a passion to impact the Middle East. Second, from Cairo we flew to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to meet key leaders and conduct a mini-seminar to explore possibilities for 2014 and beyond. God opened a significant door there. Third, we flew to Nairobi to speak at the third and final year of the Kenyan Leaders of Leaders seminar. This is the largest seminar we run anywhere in the world. More than 150 attended. We graduated 30 who had completed all three years. We’ll go back one more time to teach the 30 how they can take the material and spread it across East Africa.

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