Both healthy and gaining weight, at 10 months, baby Anjeli has enough strength to stand with assistance! (Above left Before the breakthrough)

A life-changing breakthrough

WHEN WE UNEXPECTEDLY MET Jalea and her seven-month-old baby Anjeli, they were both in immediate need of medical attention and nurturing care. Both were extremely malnourished, and although still living in their home, they had in many regards been left for dead. Jalea’s husband was working out of town, and extended family could not be bothered to provide for a female baby and a mother with ‘mental disabilities’ and poor speech. But, after much deliberating with family and village leaders, arrangements were made for mother and baby to move to Samaritan Inn where they could receive holistic, 24-hour care. At first, conditions worsened but as medical care, intensive prayer, and love continued for several weeks, one day there was a significant breakthrough. Jalea started bathing and caring for herself and her baby. She began eating, taking her medicine, and joining prayer meetings in the home. Jalea’s countenance has completely changed and she is speaking clear, coherent Hindi. We are excited for their hope and future and to see the plans the Father has in store to prosper His precious daughters!

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