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We are a global community that exists to

evangelise and disciple
unreached people groups,

equipping them to disciple their own and other people groups


Get ready to serve cross-culturally in mission.


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Intercede for the unreached and for the workers delivering the good news.


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Our Ministry Focuses

Evangelism &
Church Planting
All Nations

Leaders – One of World Outreach’s five focuses is ‘raising leaders’. Consequently, we are committed to the training, equipping, and mobilisation of pastors and leaders across the majority world* for ministry and mission.

Since 1978, World Outreach has conducted pastors and leaders’ seminars in the majority world. Well over 100,000 leaders have attended one or more of these training events in Asia, Africa, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.

Evangelism and Church Planting – We are seeing an explosion of church planting in many places in Asia and Africa as our church planters boldly declare the name of Jesus with miracles accompanying the preaching of God’s Word.

As we plant churches, we train and mentor church leaders so that they can disciple new believers, enabling a generation of new leaders to be raised up and a movement of new churches to be birthed.

All Nations Mobilisation – We believe that the Great Commission is for all generations and that it provides different pathways for ministry involvement. A number of effective training programmes have been developed to better prepare people for cross-cultural service.

We are committed to raise up and partner with a new intercultural generation of younger workers by equipping them to effectively take the Good News to other unreached, near-neighbour communities, as well as to other regions of the world.

Children’s Ministry – In most nations in the developing world, children form more than 50% of the population. Children are often most at risk from war, epidemics, crop failure, or endemic poverty – with 600 million children living in absolute poverty.

We are committed to rescuing and protecting children from exploitation, harm, and destitution. We do this by providing safe living environments, medical care, education, and social programmes to help give children a hope and a future.

Humanitarian Aid – World Outreach is committed to combining social concern with Christian witness. We believe that evangelism involves both the declaration of truth and the demonstration of love, because evangelism and social action are distinct yet interlinked.

When natural disasters strike (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, or famines), we are able to initiate a rapid response to communities in need, to provide them with funds to buy food, water, and medicine, and to replace household goods that have been destroyed.

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Where We Are

Our workers are in many different locations all over the globe, reaching people who have little or no access to the Gospel.


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