Vision 2025

We’re inviting you to partner with us in one of the great moments of modern-day missions





One planet

7.8 Billion People

3.27 Billion People are living in Unreached People Groups

42% of the World’s People Groups are Unreached

Our Goals For 2025


Unreached People Groups

By the end of 2025, we want to increase the number of UPGs we are engaged with to 300.

Missionaries (Field Workers)

To reach the audacious goal of engaging with 300 UPGs, we’ve set a goal to double the number of our field workers (missionaries) to 500.

National Workers

Alongside our Field Workers, we have also set a goal to increase the number of national workers to 500.


Intercessors needed

All of this will be impossible without a prayer covering and requires an army of prayer warriors. We’ve set a goal to increase our prayer base to 10,000 people.


Eternal Rewards

This mission requires a significant investment that will have an eternal impact.


To achieve our goal, we are believing to raise an extra US$1m annually to accomplish this God-given vision.

Your Opportunity to Give

Funds given to our Vision 2025 on the donation form above will go to our World Outreach offices in the USA. To give to another World Outreach country office please use the following link:

Vision 2025 Booklet

Click below to read (and download your own copy) to find out more about our five year strategic plan to engage more unreached people groups than ever before.

This booklet is designed to show how you can partner with us in this great venture.

Join with us as we embark on Vision 2025 to reach an additional 150 people groups with the gospel. This is no easy feat. Unreached people groups are often difficult to get to, there are restrictions and often persecution.

Reaching 150 more unreached people groups is an audacious goal that requires faith, but it is possible with your partnership.

Our Goals

Will you participate with us in one of the most pivotal moments of modern-day missions?


People Groups


More Missionaries


Prayer Warriors