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Our prayer is that our workers lives and ministries would inspire you to reach out to those of other cultures

World Outreach turned 90 earlier this year (2022)!

Throughout this year, ‘Heritage’ has been the theme in all three editions of the Nations magazine. In this particular publication, we’ll be continuing our journey through the decades by focussing on the development of World Outreach during the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. This was a momentous time of expansion.

Have you ever forgotten something really important? I have! For example, my youngest son once rang me asking for a lift home from youth group. I answered that I couldn’t. He indignantly asked, ‘Well, why not?’ I told him I was in India. ‘When did you go to India?’ he asked in a surprised tone. ‘Last night at midnight,’ I sheepishly replied…

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Issue 3/2022 - Heritage Edition

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