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Our prayer is that our workers lives and ministries would inspire you to reach out to those of other cultures

Late last year (2022), the United Nations released a report noting that the world is facing ‘uncertain times, unsettled lives’.

With natural disasters, threats of nuclear war and economic volatility, we are living in challenging times. As Christians, we live with a dilemma: on the one hand, we’re human, so we are prone to experience natural anxieties and fears (we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t), but, on the other, we’re also people of faith. So, how should we respond in the middle of uncertain times?

Throughout 2023, may Psalm 46 be a comfort for you in any crises you face. From the first verse of this amazing Psalm, we can all draw confidence in a crisis: God is our Refuge, our Strength, and our very present Help!

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Issue 1/2023

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