Mission Intensive

Ever wondered what your role is in fulfilling God’s plan for your life?

The Mission Intensive will take you to two authentic mission fields within Asia or Africa. Daily, you will get to learn from experienced missionaries through formal study on various mission topics, invest in learning a language and culture, and see how different styles of ministry are bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups.

Join an exciting two-month long exposure trip!

Discover your place in missions by going on an extraordinary journey to the nations.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a missionary yourself, or maybe you want to learn more so you can pray and support missionaries better. Come and see the sights, taste the tastes, and smell the smells. Return to your church a changed person. See for yourself one of the places where God is waiting expectantly to make his next move.


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Those up for a challenge to endure hot humid weather, language barriers, and different living conditions can participate. The ideal age for this intensive is 25 to 30, but anyone who loves Jesus and wants to discover their role in fulfilling the Great Commission is welcome! The Mission Intensive is only open to five participants at a time.

It could be, but probably won’t be. You are required to sign an indemnity form, follow the missionaries’ rules in each location, and trust the Lord.

Participants are required to go through the formal WO application process. All participants agree to submit to the missionaries while in-country, regarding dress code, behaviour, and more.



Upcoming MI Trips

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None in the immediate future, but stay tuned to this space as we shall be updating regularly.

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