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Whether you are new to missions, still discovering your role, or are already a budding Hudson Taylor, there is always plenty to learn in the world of mission.

These resources are freely available and include articles, videos, real world stories, training courses and more.

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This is a free resource library of videos for leaders of all ages and levels of experience. These videos are ideal for self-directed learning, group discussion, staff training or for a more formal leadership course. It’s totally up to you.


Didasko Academy offers free, online, video-based, inter-cultural ministry training, presenting an in-depth overview of the world of missions.

Migrant UPG Ministry

While it is still important to send out missionaries into ‘all the world’, the unreached people groups that are now at ‘our doorstep’ cannot be ignored. This requires a new way of doing missions.

The Nations Course

The six-week Nations Course has been developed to equip new missionaries with tools to ensure their first term is successful and fruitful. The course is also valuable for missionaries already on the field.

The Kairos Course

Do you want to know more about missions so you can discover your part to play in the growth of God’s kingdom worldwide? Look at our world from God’s perspective!

'Conversations' Podcast

Stay up-to-date with engaging interviews, viewpoints and missional topics from the ministries of World Outreach. Connect with our ‘Conversations Podcast’.


There is nothing like hearing from the missionaries themselves. Watch our videos for testimonies, interviews, or stories from the field.

What is
an UPG?

We are all about reaching out to unreached people groups (UPG). Not sure what this all means?


Get inspired by reading stories from our people on the field. Head over to our news and stories section and learn more about what it means to take the Gospel to the unreached.

What About Prayer?

Prayer in mission is indispensable. Learn how to pray effectively for those on the frontline.

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