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Today we are witnessing one of the most extraordinary times of human migration

Large numbers of people all over the world are uprooting their lives and migrating to other countries for various purposes: to escape hardship, to find work, to study or to pursue greater opportunities.

Many of these migrants belong to unreached people groups and communities that restrict evangelism. They are now moving into towns and cities where there are strong Christian churches.

While it is still important to send out missionaries into ‘all the world’, the unreached people groups that are now at ‘our doorstep’ cannot be ignored. This phenomenon requires a new way of doing missions.


* An Unreached People Group is a group of people that have very few if any, local believers. This group has their own language, culture, worldview, and ways of behaving.

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Migrant Ministry
Firstly, Godly partnership is critical for the success in making disciples, we cannot and should not work alone in the Kingdom of God.