Global Summit 2023


"Break camp and ADVANCE..."

global summit 2023




  1. move forward in a purposeful way.


  1. a forward movement.

Covid restrictions have lifted. It’s time for the people and friends of World Outreach to meet face-to-face for a time of inspiration, renewal, and envisioning.  

Aside from incredible times of ministry, there will be workshops, field testimonies, plenty of delicious food, great fellowship, prophetic ministry, and prayer. 

The Summit is open to all World Outreach personnel, family members, global friends, ministry partners of WO, and those considering serving cross-culturally. 

We’d love to see you there!

Registration is now open for the World Outreach Summit 2023!

Conference Speaker

Both expatriate Australians, Pastor Rod and Viv Plummer, are formerly church-planting missionaries in Thailand. 

In 2002, in response to God’s call, the Plummers and their two sons left a thriving church in Toowoomba, Australia, to start a new church in Tokyo, Japan.  

Lifehouse Church was launched in 2002 with 16 people and now has 13 campuses across Japan and in a further seven other Asian countries, as well as many online communities. 

Japan is the second largest Unreached People Group (UPG) in the world, with 125 million people and only 0.2% attending evangelical churches. It is also the largest open-access people group in the world! 

Ps Rod is known as a “training pastor”, having equipped and mobilised hundreds of young people to church leadership and full-time ministry. He has built a model for effective evangelism and discipleship among UPGs, emphasising a few essential daily habits and many online tools, which have been fruitful in Japan and elsewhere. 

After 20 years in Japan, among the many ups and downs, the Plummers have seen a healthy foundation built for an ongoing church planting movement in Japan. Ps Rod’s heart’s desire is to equip and multiply hundreds of young leaders (both locally and abroad) to minister to the needs of people living in UPGs around the world. 

Conference Accommodation

Horizon Village & Resort is one of the best places for conferences in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our World Outreach Global Summit is meeting in these exotic Botanical Garden surroundings—we are sure the resort will definitely meet your expectations and beyond. Horizon Village & Resort is located in the Doisaket area, which is not far from downtown Chiang Mai at approximately 10km.