Exposure Trips

there is nothing like experiencing the hand of God at work among a people group, first-hand.

While it is encouraging to read testimonies of how the Gospel is making inroads, watch inspirational movies, and hear second-hand reports, there is nothing like experiencing the hand of God at work among a people group, first-hand.

It can truly change your life.

Upcoming outreaches for 2024

Below are some dates and places for upcoming outreaches for 2024. For more information on these outreaches please contact us below:


Exposure trip




Exposure trip



Grow, Strengthen, Understand

Plant the seed of Global mission in your heart

Our trips are intended to expose believers to the mission field, strengthen the work on the field, and give a better understanding of what missions is.

While the focus of these trips is to serve, refresh, and encourage our mission partners through the various ministry activities planned, we also pray God will touch the heart of each participant to discover how they can make a difference in what God is doing.


Here is what Jolie had to say after going to Thailand on her first mission trip:

I learned that God can use each one of us anytime. We just have to be sensitive to his voice.

I had a chance to talk to some girls at a school we went to. One of them asked me whether I am a Christian or not. I said, “Yes, but I used to be a Buddhist.” So she went on, “Oh … so why did you change?” I answered, “Because three years ago I came to know God and learned to have a personal relationship with him.

He showed me how much he loves us!”

And then another girl said, “Wait! We should interview her on the microphone!” Then they went and grabbed a microphone, and the whole thing went on the speakers.

I really wished I was prepared for the question! I could have answered her better, but at least, I hope they would know that Christianity is not about the religion their parents assigned to them, nor is it a western thing. It is very personal, and they can make their own decision to accept Jesus and receive his love and grace!

I was so humbled by this experience! Praise God!


exposure trips


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