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Freedom in Jesus!

’I was very stressed, violent and stubborn when I came into prison. The Word of God has totally changed my character.”

Reaching Egypt!

It was amazing that Arabs and Jews came together in worship, prayer and hearing the word of God.

From Facebook to Faith

The gospel is heard through easy-to-understand media by more than 5000 people each month.

Into the Nubian!

We have mobilised 8 Nubians to help translate the Bible into the Nubian language!

Dedication & Sacrifice

Our facilitator decided to conduct the training from 3am to 5am. What a sacrifice and example of dedication for us!

World Outreach School of Leadership

The online World Outreach School of Leadership is continuing to see increasing numbers of people from all over the world using this resource.

A Foundation of Wisdom

Thank God for the Nong Rak Club (Beloved Children’s Club) more than 10 years ago – it was a foundation of wisdom for my life.