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Royal Connections

Farm-Fresh and Fabulous: Discover why our chickens and rabbits are stealing hearts and headlines!

The Happiness of Children!

The best part was seeing the excitement on their faces when they realized this day was just for them.

Thirsting for Him

It was heart-warming to see these believers discover what it truly meant to have an authentic relationship with their heavenly Father.

Vows in Covenant

A beautiful ceremony. This is is the first marriage of new believers in the area that we know of.

Fruitful Leadership

We gave the delegates a toolbox of practical skills to take home, enabling them to further develop the leaders around them.

Touched By The Word of God

There are many testimonies of prisoners being touched by the Word or set free from self-harm, fears, or insecurities.

Carriers of Hope

In moments of grief and sadness, we become the encouragement and bringers of hope.

Giving It All to God

From a young age Mr. M has been suffering from a serious skin disease; over his whole body he has a kind of snakeskin.

Casting Out Demons

Casting Out Demons

The new believers thought our workers were the only ones with “magic powers” to cast out demons.