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God is Faithful

We see the beautiful expression of cultivating God’s faithfulness in the once-stark land.

Our 2010 Journey

Our prayer is that it will continue to fulfil its mission worldwide and maintain its purpose of reaching all people with the gospel.

Reaching Northeast India

From a small voice suggesting “return home”… to thousands of home churches. Discover the birth of World Outreach in Northeast India.

Awareness of Him

God has graciously given each culture awareness of Him. Local worshippers wear a woven bracelet of 3 colours; white, black and red…


World Outreach turned 90 earlier this year (2022)! Throughout this year, ‘Heritage’ has been the theme in all three editions…

Reaching Egypt!

It was amazing that Arabs and Jews came together in worship, prayer and hearing the word of God.

Reaching Thailand

“Come and join us in Thailand. I asked God to send me to the most difficult country to reach with the gospel! We need your help!”

From Facebook to Faith

The gospel is heard through easy-to-understand media by more than 5000 people each month.

Reaching Indonesia!

The Birth of World Outreach Indonesia – God answered with one word – “BUILD”.

Into the Nubian!

We have mobilised 8 Nubians to help translate the Bible into the Nubian language!