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Embarking on the Greatest Story of All

Embracing the undeniable impact of storytelling, our team prays for open hearts and inspiration as they share the life-changing story of Jesus Christ.

Abundant Outreaches

Abundant Outreaches

The fruit from these outreaches has been abundant. At the same time, the battles have been intense.

We Have Seen God Working

Eighteen mums have begun to follow Jesus! Many of the mums comment on the joy and peace they feel when they come to our center.

Awareness of Him

God has graciously given each culture awareness of Him. Local worshippers wear a woven bracelet of 3 colours; white, black and red…

Freedom in Jesus!

’I was very stressed, violent and stubborn when I came into prison. The Word of God has totally changed my character.”

The Birth of World Outreach

I knew I would never be the same again…I came face-to-face with how my life could best count for God.