Humanitarian Aid

Did you know there’s enough food in our world to feed everyone? Yet 690 million people go to bed hungry every night

World Outreach is committed to combining social concern with Christian witness. We believe that evangelism involves both the declaration of truth and the demonstration of love, because evangelism and social action are distinct yet interlinked.

Rapid Response

When natural disasters strike (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, or famines), we are able to initiate a rapid response to communities in need, to provide them with funds to buy food, water, and medicine, and to replace household goods that have been destroyed.

Our aid includes a commitment to disaster relief in partnership with WO missionaries on the ground and/or other respected charities or non-governmental organisations.

As circumstances permit, we will respond to requests from our missionaries for the provision of funds to support basic human rights such as food, clean water, and shelter, and to assist families and communities in rebuilding shattered lives and communities.

Our long-term commitment is to help build self-sustainable local communities through the delivery of basic education, adult literacy programmes, and healthcare

For I was hungry and you gave Me food: I was thirsty and you gave me drink.

Matthew 25:35

Can You Help?

Your donation will allow our Humanitarian Aid Ministry to continue rescuing and rebuilding lives through practical demonstrations of love.

Funds given to Disaster Relief on the donation form above will go to our World Outreach offices in the USA. To give to another World Outreach country office please use the following link:

Some of Our Projects Focussed on Humanitarian & AId Ministry

COVID-19 Assistance

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Raising Leaders

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Evangelism & Church Planting

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Children's Ministry

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Humanitarian Aid

We are committed to combining practical compassion with the hope of Jesus.