World Outreach exists to evangelise and disciple unreached people groups, equipping them to disciple their own and other peoples

World Outreach is pleased to present our Annual Reports, celebrating our accomplishments and giving thanks to God for the guidance, inspiration and strength that enabled us to be of service to peoples and communities as we played our part in advancing the Kingdom of God.

2022 Highlights


In 2022, the number of UPGs we were engaged with, increased from 167 (in January) to 179(in December), most of which were in the Indian Sub-Continent.


Twelve new Field Workers joined our workforce in 2022, bringing the total number of Field Workers to 279. A year-end census showed our Mission Partners had a total of 814 team members in their ministries (an increase from 651 at the end of 2021). A specific highlight is that over 60% of our Field Workers are now from the majority world, countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, better reflecting the global body of Christ today!


  • In South Asia, a UPG village heard the Gospel for the first time after a church was mobilised to fast and pray for them.
  • In West Africa, 25 leaders of the D people group attended a meeting and asked to receive bibles after our Field Worker made contact with the person of peace.


  • In South Asia, a Field Worker who was near death was miraculously and completely healed from infective endocarditis.
  • In East Africa, God protected an unborn baby from the effects of abortion


  • In East Africa, 18 mothers accepted Jesus after bringing their children to a therapy center run by our Field Workers.
  • In South Asia, God healed a 2-month-old baby who was critically ill, and the baby's mother gave her life to Jesus.


In SE Asia, WO Field Worker Chuenjit Mangkaew, received a Royal Decoration from the Thai Royal Family at the Youth Remand Administrative Office in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6 June 2022, recognising her exemplary service exceeding seven years on the Board of the Youth Social Welfare Department.

In SE Asia, a representative of the Thai Royal Family visited Krutmuang farm in November 2022. The farm was started by WO Field Workers Joshua and Marlieke, with the vision of providing hope and job opportunities for those who have no place in society.

2021 Highlights

Vision 2025

In early 2021, we began what we call Vision 2025 (or V2025). This is a five-year strategic plan to, among other goals, double both the number of Unreached People Groups (UPGs) we are engaged with as well as the number of field workers. The Applications Team have also advised that, at the start of 2022, there are an additional 20+ applicants for missionary service. So, we are on track to achieve our goals.


Because of travel restrictions and border closures, we had to cancel the face-to-face Summit we had scheduled for July last year and transition to our first ever on-line Summit. This event was held on 12-14 October 2021.


The SoL was officially launched in April (2021). This is a free, on-line resource library of videos for leaders of all ages and levels of experience. The videos are ideal for self-directed learning, group discussion and staff training or can be used as part of a more formal leadership course.

Financial Results

In 2021, we disbursed $114,872 to the Field Workers for projects, $46,924 to the Afghan appeal and a further $57,150 to the COVID appeal.


Throughout 2021, many key training programmes, which were cancelled in 2020, resumed through on-line platforms. They include:

• The Nations Course (our missionary training course)

• WO Leadership program

• Coaching Workshop

Increase in Mission Partners

16 new Mission Partners joined our workforce in 2021, bringing the total number of Mission Partners to 267. A year-end census showed that we have 651 national workers serving with our Mission Partners as team members in their ministries (an increase from 490 at the end of 2020).

2020 Highlights

Covid-19 Response

Due to the global pandemic, most of our ministries had to pivot to respond in a relevant way. Food relief packages were handed out to hundreds of families. Our field workers found many unreached people groups that were previously resistant to the Gospel being open to hearing the message of Jesus for the first time because of these relief efforts.


At the end of 2020, WO has over 240 mission workers from 30 nations, serving in 33 countries, but ministering into an additional 37. WO is currently engaged with 140+ different UPGs. Added to this, WO has 350 national workers serving in a recognised WOI ministry, 9 offices throughout the world and a clear vision leading into 2025.

Leadership Program

In 2019 we launched the Leadership Program to develop WO leaders to serve in the organisation. In 2020, we graduated our first cohort of leaders, and started with training our second cohort.

Connecting online

Our global and regional events were moved online due to travel restrictions. These include: Regional Vision Team meetings, Field Coordination Team meetings, Leadership Program sessions and Field Leader trainings. Online quarterly Town Hall gatherings and global prayer meetings were also introduced to foster greater connection among field workers.

World Outreach Podcast

The World Outreach Podcast was launched. Each episode is a dynamic conversation to advance the cause of missions amongst UPGs everywhere. . We invite you check these podcasts out at:

New SE Asia Field Office

A new SE Asia Field Office was established to service our field personnel more effectively and efficiently.

2019 Highlights


At the end of 2019, WO has over 240 expatriate field workers from 30 nations, serving in 33 countries, but ministering into an additional 37.


In total, WO is currently engaged with 149 different UPGs.

Future Vision

Added to this, WO has 350 national workers serving in a recognized WOI ministry, 9 offices throughout the world and a clear vision leading to 2025.

“…and this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Matthew 24:14