May 2023

The World Outreach International Director Update is updated every six weeks.

A New International Director

Dear Friend of World Outreach

In early 2022, I felt it was time for me to stand down as International Director and make room for a new generation. After advising World Outreach’s leadership bodies of my decision, a process began to appoint a successor. Earlier this year, Ben B was appointed as the International Director Designate. Ben and I have subsequently begun a transitional process. He’ll assume the role from the 1st of September, 2023.

Because of some security sensitivities around where Ben is based, we can’t share his full surname or many details of his life except the following. Ben is from North America and is 44 years old. He and his wife, Rachel, served as field workers in the jungles of Borneo for many years before assuming organisational responsibilities for World Outreach. Over recent years, he has been the Field Ministries Director overseeing all our fieldwork worldwide.

From Strength to Strength

I have complete confidence that World Outreach will continue to grow from strength to strength under Ben’s capable leadership.

Transitions are rare in World Outreach, which is one reason the organisation has had such a stable and fruitful trajectory over 91 years.

Our Distinctives

Even though a change of leader will inevitably bring change, our five distinctives will never change.

  1. Our mission to evangelise and disciple UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS (UPG). This is our primary distinctive, which governs everything we do.
  2. FIELD-DRIVEN INITIATIVES. World Outreach is different from many top-down organisations. The vision, strategies and initiatives to reach a particular UPG come from the field workers.
  3. INTERCULTURAL AND INTERGENERATIONAL. World Outreach values cultural and generational diversity at all levels of its leadership and ministry.
  4. BELIEF IN THE PRESENT-DAY MINISTRY, POWER AND GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR GOSPEL MINISTRY. World Outreach has a complete dependence upon the enabling, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to accomplish its mission to UPGs.
  5. AFFIRM WOMEN IN MINISTRY AND LEADERSHIP. World Outreach embraces and encourages the role of women in ministry and leadership.

With a clear sense of mission, a crystal-clear vision, a new leader, solid teams of leaders at all levels of the organisation, and a growing force of field workers, World Outreach is positioned to move into one of the most exciting eras of modern-day missions. 

Thank you so much for your support over the past six and a half years of my tenure. It has been an honour for me to serve the remarkable people of World Outreach. 

God bless,

Bruce Hills
World Outreach International Director

Bruce has served as International Director of World Outreach since January 2017. He joined the World Outreach team in July 2010 as Leadership Development Director, a role he served in up to his appointment as International Director.


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