Echoes of the Prodigal: Finding Home in Hardship

Prayer for World Outreach’s field workers is vital! We have received this encouraging testimony. We hope it will encourage you too!

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One Letter at a Time

Hope blooms from unexpected places.

Workers in S.E. Asia recently connected with Juvenile Detention Centres in surrounding areas. There is a centre in each of the 77 provinces for children aged 13 to 18. Over the last 3 months the team have written to 25 of the Centres and have now had 381 replies from the children in the centres! They are so grateful to God for this amazing response. It is a much greater response than they were expecting, and more responses are continuing to come in!

When the children reply to their letters, workers say it reminds them of Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. When the prodigal son hit rock bottom in his life, his thoughts turned to his family. Just as these young people do as they face uncertain times ahead.

Let’s pray for these children that their hearts will not only turn to their physical homes but also to their spiritual home. Pray that they will encounter life’s transformation as they meet with God through the booklets that are gifted to them. One heart at a time!

Author: World Outreach

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