Triumph Beyond the Game

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Badminton: The game that unites in faith

From court to faith: A journey of discovery.

Recently, a World Outreach Team joined forces with local youth to orchestrate a project – a badminton competition for teenagers and children! People from neighbouring villagers gathered to witness the event.

Despite initial nerves, the competition unfolded seamlessly. A few minor injuries did little to dampen spirits, and the day was deemed a resounding success.

What truly resonated was the impact that came out of this event. Some of these teenagers now take part in the study groups the Field Workers run and have even started their own groups with school friends. Praise God, that He is working in these young people’s lives and giving them the confidence to share stories about God!

We are grateful for the divine influence shaping these young lives, growing them in confidence to share personal faith stories. Through the one idea of a game of badminton, there came fellowship, growth, and youth desiring to pass on the goodness of God!

Author: World Outreach

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