Faith’s Astonishing Turnout

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Faith that moves, heals, and transforms

Experiencing the Divine: The Holy Spirit’s Manifestation

A one-day event was organized at a local church, with high expectations for an attendance of 300 individuals. However, to the astonishment of the Field Workers, a staggering 700 people turned up. The hot weather did not deter their determination, as many had walked for 4-5 hours to partake in this momentous occasion. Witnessing their ardent hunger for the Lord was truly awe-inspiring.

During this event, the Holy Spirit manifested His presence and touched the lives of numerous attendees. The impact was profound, as 35 individuals embraced salvation and surrendered their lives to Christ. Moreover, the team rejoiced to witness 15 individuals experiencing healing from afflictions such as deafness, severe back pain, and eye problems.

We offer our heartfelt gratitude to God for His marvelous work among these people.

In addition to the event, Field Workers conducted a leadership training session for 200 church leaders. This invaluable training enabled them to extend their influence to over 50 churches in the surrounding area. The vision was to equip leaders and ministers serving in the most remote corners of Asia. Although these churches already exhibit displays of the Holy Spirit’s power, there is a need to fortify their foundations in the Word of God.

The team remain committed to their mission, driven by the desire to empower and strengthen these churches, ensuring that they flourish both in spiritual fervour and biblical knowledge.

Author: World Outreach

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