Miracles at the Front Door

Prayer for World Outreach’s Field Workers is vital! We have received these encouraging testimonies which show the profound impact of prayer. We hope they encourage you too!

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The breath of life, the step of faith

Who needs a magic door when you’ve got a faith-filled front step? Just ask Mr. M!

An older couple, Mr and Mrs M, reported that when they got home after their baptism, Mr M suddenly became short of breath and felt weak. While gently comforting Mr M, Mrs M spoke words of faith, and encouraging him to hold on. And just like that, in an instant, Mr M found himself standing at their front door. And when he looked at his feet, they were no longer swollen, he could walk, and the breathlessness he had experienced was gone!

Now, fast forward two months, and Mr M is back to normal, engaging in all his usual activities!

This beautiful testament reminds us of the power of faith, hope, and miracles!  Let us celebrate this incredible journey of healing and restoration for Mr and Mrs M!

Author: World Outreach

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