ABCs of Faith: The Literacy Journey from Lost to Leader

Imagine helping take the Gospel to people who have never heard it before? Look at these stories and see how sharing the gospel has a multiplying effect!

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Finding the way home, one letter at a time

Who knew a barbershop could lead to salvation?

P and his son J felt a call to return to their community and establish a barbershop. With the support of a ministry partner, they brought this dream to fruition. In early 2023, they proudly opened the doors to a new business in the heart of an unreached community. P not only shaves hair but also builds meaningful relationships with the people he serves, looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. Within a month, the business flourished, and he was able to hire another barber. Meanwhile, J enrolled in a local preschool established by their church, further strengthening their impact on the community.

M’s journey began with her arrival at the mission organization, unable to read or write. Throughout the year, she was home-schooled, and after completing her schooling, M continued to receive support as she returned to her mother’s care. We are happy to report her mother has now also surrendered her life to Christ! And it is inspiring to witness how God is mightily using M to reach out to others from similar backgrounds. We stand in awe of the prophetic and evangelistic gifts in her as she leads people to Christ. Seeing the power of a faith community investing into the life of the one lost sheep, and how God is using it to bring unreached communities to Himself.

These stories demonstrate both the importance and impact that comes from sharing the Gospel and investing into the life of the ‘one.’ They remind up how there is a ripple effect when individuals respond to God’s call and in turn, share His message of love and redemption with others.

Through World Outreach, and our Field Workers obedience, dedication, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, lives are being transformed, communities are being reached, and the Kingdom of God is expanding!

Author: World Outreach

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