A Family's Journey Through Adversity

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The Power of Divine Appointments

Trusting God’s Bigger Plan in Unexpected Places

This is the story of one family that one of our teams met during our church planting training in a local town.

The family consisted of a hard-working rice farmer, his wife, and their three children. Four months prior to our visit, their home burnt down, and their community rallied to help them in any way they could. Despite this setback, this family never lost hope. Little did they know that attending our church planting training was a Divine appointment.

On the following Sunday after the training, the family travelled 20 km on their motorbike to attend a church service. It was here that the husband gave his heart to Jesus. The Holy Spirit was working in his heart, and he knew that he needed Jesus in his life. This moment was the beginning of a powerful transformation for this family.

During the training, God gave a prophetic word for the wife. It was as if God was healing old wounds and comforting her through our team. Her husband watched as she cried for 10 minutes while being held and prayed for. The Holy Spirit did the work, as the team were just vessels for His grace and love.

When the family left that day, a light shone from their faces. They knew things were going to turn around for them because of Jesus. The visiting team were blessed to be able to provide them with spiritual support, financial help, and clothes. It was a tangible way to show them the love of Jesus in action.

This family’s story is a reminder of the power of Divine appointments. Sometimes, we don’t know why we’re in a certain place at a certain time, but God does. The team was there to provide the training, but God had a much bigger plan in store for this family.

Author: World Outreach

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