Thirsting for Him

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Brushed with an Angel's wing

Our own longing for connection.

I had the wonderful privilege to teach a group of new believers about intimacy with God. As leaders we prayed and asked the Lord for a key to help them to understand this concept of love relationship with the Lord in their context. He led me to Psalm 63 where it talks about thirsting for Him in a dry and weary land where this is no water.

As the Word was released, God’s presence fell on the gathering, and someone said it was like the whole group was brushed with an angel’s wing. It was amazing to see how the local people connected their dry physical environment with spiritual thirst and began to experience longing for God.

One lady (who had never heard of Micah 7:19) said that she felt God had taken her bitterness and thrown it far out into the ocean behind us. Another man said he had come carrying firewood (which puzzled us until we realized he meant a burden) and that God had taken it from it and set him free! Many said this was the first time they had experienced God’s love in this way.

Author: World Outreach

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