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Developing Leaders

We gave the delegates a toolbox of practical skills.

I would like to share a debrief from my recent trip to a South Asian nation. Through a local leader, we were able to conduct training with 27 pastors from different areas. Some traveled as far as 28 hours by bus to attend.

We gave the delegates a toolbox of practical skills to take home, enabling them to further develop the leaders around them. By week’s end, we did not only have 27 delegates but a team interacting and learning one from another.

Our second goal was to look at how we can be involved in the systematic development of leaders who will engage with the 258 identified Unreached People Groups within the country. Through contacts, we met with a leader who has the desire to see leaders trained within their own villages. In fact, as he spoke, I see his vision is very similar to the fruitful ministry we have seen in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: World Outreach

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