Giving It All to God

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His Face Was Beaming

From a young age Mr. M has been suffering from a serious skin disease.

From a young age Mr. M has been suffering from a serious skin disease; over his whole body he has a kind of snakeskin. This is very itchy and often painful. He is very restricted in his daily life. We already prayed with him a few times and the last time we visited we were able to share a lot about Jesus.

A few days ago, I visited him again and immediately I noticed that something special was happening; He was really happy and beaming brightly.

I asked him why he was so cheerful. He said that the doctors have given up on treatment; they say it is bad karma that he got from his previous life. “Even foreign specialists say that there is no cure for this type of skin disease”. They had advised him to apply coconut oil daily to his skin to keep it soft and otherwise he just has to accept that it is what it is.

I looked at him surprised because this was not quite what I expected that would make him so happy. “You know” he said, “I have given it all to the Lord. You know, to your Lord Jesus. And when I bring my daily offerings, I always say ‘Jesus I give it all to you”’. And that is the secret of that amazing positive change that is visible in him.

Will you please pray with us for his healing, because for God nothing is impossible!

Author: World Outreach

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