Transforming Prayer

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The change was miraculous

The Holy Spirit worked powerfully in his life.

We had contact with Mr J in the Youth Prison. Mr J was cutting himself and very depressed, and we had special permission to counsel and spend time with him. The change was miraculous as the Holy Spirit worked in his life. Mr J then went to trial and was moved – we lost track of him since.

Afterwards, we went to minister at a Juvenile Prison in a different town, and one of the students was Mr J! It was so good to make contact once again and to find that he is still doing well.

Ever since the Transformational Prayer Ministry has been added, a ministry that deals with past hurt and lies that people believe about themselves, we have seen many good reports such as people starting to sleep well at night again after having not been able to do so in years – there is a sense of freedom from false guilt.

Author: World Outreach

Header Image Credit: Photo by Sergey Pesterev via Unsplash

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