Set Free From Spirits

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He Wanted to be Free

Jesus has transformed his life and those who are close to him!

I met Mr. N last year, at a food distribution that we did in one of the villages.

He was a monk with many spiritual problems. He was looking for help in different places, he was tormented by the spirits that possessed him and made him hit, cut and lose control of his will totally. He knew he had demons, he listened to them, and they gave him orders inside him. He wanted to be free.

He asked for prayer on Christmas day 2021, when we did a camp in one of the villages. After he asked for prayers, the Gospel was presented to him, and Mr. N began his journey to meet the Lord. An audio Bible showed him that Jesus could set him free. His walk with Jesus has transformed his life and those who are close to him!

His testimony is showing the power of God to all who knew him before, and he has the desire to make known the Jesus who changed his life by going to other villages to share the Gospel.

The wonderful power of God that changes lives.

Author: World Outreach

Header Image Credit: Photo via Unsplash

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