God is Faithful

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! We have received these encouraging testimonies from East Asia! We pray it they will encourage you too!

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Cultivating God's Faithfulness

“P” credits his success to his personal relationship with God

“In a remote part of this country, where homes are just huts and fellow believers meet in a cow barn for church services, the landscape in this region is beginning to bloom again. As we capture the progress of these projects, we see the beautiful expression of cultivating God’s faithfulness in the once-stark land.

The two schools in the area have been in full swing since November 2021 after a one-year hiatus brought on by the pandemic. The ministry is bearing fruit and is a testament to its effectiveness when students return after completing their training to become teachers. One school started in 2010 literally under the trees, with only USD2.70 in the bank and ten students! Today it has an enrolment of about 500 primary school children over two sessions, morning and afternoon.

P comes from a rural village and stayed at the hostel for 6 years to attend high school. He emerged as the top national high school student. With much pride and joy, he received the award from the Prime Minister. P credits his success to his personal relationship with God and putting into practice the disciplines he learnt as a follower of Christ during his time at the hostel. P had wanted to stop studying at the primary school level because he could not afford to attend high school. But with the field worker’s encouragement, he stayed at the hostel and completed his secondary education. P is currently at a university and comes back to his “alma mater” at the school as a volunteer teacher.”

Author: World Outreach

Header Image Credit: Photo by Aldrin Rachman Pradana via Unsplash

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