Awareness of Him

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. We have received these encouraging testimonies from East Asia! We pray it they will encourage you too!

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Opportunity for the Gospel

The Message of His Love

“In March God has graciously given each culture awareness of Him. Local worshippers wear a woven bracelet of 3 colours; white, black and red. White stands for perfection, black for sin & red for fire. We see this as a bridge for the gospel. I’ve had several opportunities to explain the gospel message using these 3 colours (except we say red is for blood & the cleansing of sin!).”

“I’ve been meeting with a student for many weeks now and I am surprised with how she appreciates learning bible stories in English with the approval of her parents who are unbelievers.”

Author: World Outreach

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?