Famous Thai Psychotherapist Meets Jesus!

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life coach & famous psychotherapist Finds life

Reya is a life coach and a famous psychotherapist in Thailand. 5 years ago she was one of the leading psychotherapists who help people with mental illness through meditation.

Her method was widely accepted in the entertainment industry and Thai medicine. During the time of her fame, she was in a serious car accident and found out that she will never be able to feel anything below her waist. There’s a problem with her hip bones which means she can never walk normally again.

This accident turned her whole life upside down. She began to doubt all her previous knowledge. Her confidence disappeared and she began to seek the truth. She went back to meditation and seriously studied Vipassana meditation, but she didn’t find any answer from it. She moved to Sydney, Australia to live with her father and now works as an accountant, helping Thai people in Australia with their taxes. She married her husband, and they have 1 child together. During the 8th month of her pregnancy her husband physically abused her; hit and kicked her trying to take the life of their child and hers. She was traumatized by what her husband did and terrified by everything.

She didn’t have the energy to work and fell into depression. She wanted to die. During her husband’s trip back to India, he left her with a child alone. She sorrowfully raised her child alone in her disabled situation. Although she was working as an accountant, helping Thai people in Australia with their taxes, she had no clients.

Raya & Archie, her son

One day she discovered Nok Mariya’s video and she was so interested. She contacted us and joined the bible study, receiving counselling and personal advice. From her first week, she got set free from fear and her panic attacks started to reduce. After that, she started to pray and read the word of God and ask God for good health. She miraculously got healed from depression. She never cried again after she got baptized by the Holy Spirit during a 3 hrs phone call. She can walk better and feel more below her waist. She has more clients than ever before, and she’s got good health and a happy heart. Her life is going so exceedingly well that her father has become curious.

After she accepted Christ, she learned how to pray and live her life by the word of God for 2 months. She decided to go to the church near her house which is 50 km away so she could be part of the church and get baptized. She got baptized and became a part of the local church there. Now she is also a part of our team and builds her life in Jesus by listening to the teachings and regularly joining in our group call. She’s one of our mentors who takes care of our new believers. We have 170 people in our group (30 June 2022)

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?

Author: World Outreach

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