From Facebook to Faith

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. We have received these beautiful encouragements from Asia. We pray they may encourage you too!

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The Gospel Advances

Testimonies – Salvations – Gospel

“Currently we have 7 house churches running. Every day we receive 4-6 testimonies from new believers contacted through our Facebook fan pages, and daily we hear from 10-20 people who are interested in knowing more about God. The gospel is heard through easy-to-understand media by more than 5000 people each month. We are sure that the gospel is powerful. One day, Thai people will turn to the true and Living God! This is our hope and mission.”

“What a joy it is to celebrate that people are responding to the Good News and believing in Jesus. We have witnessed this in our mission field. We are doing ministry among unreached villages in N district. As a result, 9 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and were baptised. Praise the Lord!”

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?

Author: World Outreach

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