Amazing Things are Happening in the Villages

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. We have received these beautiful encouragements from our faithful frontline workers in South Asia. We pray they may encourage you too!

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Healing & Forgiveness

Growing the Seeds of Faith

Amazing things are happening in the villages. Three weeks ago the daughter of the leader of 4 villages was prayed for and was healed just after the team left. The next week 4 ladies brought their children to the same house to be prayed for. This week the head of the villages himself was prayed for and was healed. He and his wife received the free gift of forgiveness and have become followers.

I invited my neighbours to read and learn from John 15. As my neighbour is a farmer, it really caught his attention. We then further discussed why He is the true vine using the stories I have formerly told them. I was prepared for rejection or arguments, but he simply said he believes all that has been written. His eldest daughter also told me that she has repented and wants to grow closer to God. I invited her to think about repentance from the heart, not only on the outside. The passage was very fitting to what has been going on there while I was away. God is doing the work! I cannot brag that I have convinced them! I am just delighted to take part in planting and watering this growing seeds of faith!

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?

Author: World Outreach