Testimonies from the field: Testimonies of Provision

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. We have received these beautiful encouragements from our faithful frontline workers in South-Africa. We pray they may encourage you too!

Please consider our projects for Displaced People Groups! Thousands of people around the world are displaced, and at World Outreach we are passionate about reaching these people. These funds will be used to purchase food, medicines and other basic necessities to help people struggling to get by.

The Race is now on

We have been given almost 3000sq m of ground and work has begun and materials for building have been delivered.

In another location work has also begun on ground we have purchased. The race is now on to try to get a roof up in each location before the rainy season begins in earnest, as we are currently meeting under a large mango tree in each location.

In the third location we are doing what the early disciples did and are meeting in people’s homes. More good news is that thanks to local and other individual partners, we have succeeded in purchasing a large quantity of Bibles that have now been distributed throughout the province and to our recent church plants.

Our evangelists working in these areas are full of thanks and gratitude for what our partners in this mission are accomplishing in areas where the Gospel has yet to be spread.

We see a shift in the dreams our neighbours have.

A witch doctor often dreamt how one of her children died. The day after she would lose the pregnancy or a baby of hers would die. Last week she repented and destroyed her witchcraft objects. Her husband dreamt the night after that. A man told him that the demons have left his house because the kingdom of God has come. The man in the dream continued: “You need to repent of your adultery, or you will not get into heaven!”

Last Saturday we had another deliverance seminar with 50 people, 20 of them were seeking deliverance, the others were our leaders and others whom we train in deliverance.

Today we prayed for 8 people, one of them was the witch doctor. She got beautifully delivered. Her testimony will draw more people to Jesus.

Praise be to HIM!

Praise the Lord for the amazing work happening all over the world!

We pray you will be encouraged by these stories! Will you join us in praying for those facing trials around the globe?