Nations Magazine: On the Border of War – #GivingTuesday

Sawadika! I‘m Silvia. I work at the Thailand-Myanmar border and in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

At the border I work alongside local Christians. We participate in the extension of the Kingdom reaching out to an unreached Rohingya group in the area.

Since 90% of the population is illiterate, we work with audio Bibles to evangelise and do discipleship. In Bangkok my ministry is with women who have been trafficked into Thailand and they are victims of human trafficking,

I do interviews to identify the victims, I conduct art workshops, counselling and accompaniment in the process of returning to their countries. Let me tell you what God is doing in this corner of the world!

This has been a very intense time on the Thailand-Myanmar border.

Myanmar is in a state of civil war and chaos. There are no banks open, no transport to carry food and goods from one province to another.

In the villages the situation is even worse where weapons have been used openly and bombs have exploded day and night. Last week a bomb went off in a little school there. Thank God there were no students at the time, but the building was totally destroyed.

There is much confusion and fear, so people choose to spend the night and sometimes weeks in the jungle where they are exposed to animals (snakes, wild elephants, etc.) and diseases. In addition to this, in our area, cases of Covid-19 have been registered on the Thai side (on the Myanmar side there are no hospitals that do tests so there are no records).

Let’s pray for Myanmar in this time of great anguish in the country! In all of this chaos, we have seen the love of God for these people as we have been able to get closer to the leaders of the villages which has opened doors to share the gospel there! I can see God working in hearts in the midst of the chaos and that amazes me!

Will you join us in praying for this important work being done around the globe?

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Tremendous opportuntites await

Today we face a massive mission challenge, but we also face some amazing ministry opportunities. The world’s greatest victories often begin in the most difficult circumstances. Your prayers matter; your faith matters; your generosity matters—so stay informed with stories of hope from our frontlines.

Our prayer is that their lives and ministries would inspire you to reach out to those of other cultures, to carry a flame of faithfulness, and to see the miracles of God come to pass in the lives of others.