Internships: Frontier Missions in Mozambique

Do you want to experience what it is like to be a missionary first-hand by living in a real missions setting?

Would like to do an internship with us? We are filled with excitement about what the Lord will do as we navigate together into the future he has for us.

Join us and you will find yourself living in a small, predominantly Muslim, coastal town in Northern Mozambique. As an intern you will learn the Portuguese language and a bit of the tribal Makhua language. You will have the opportunity to embrace a new worldview and receive insights into the African mindset. Come and experience daily missionary life with the Schumann family who have lived through the ups and downs of ministering cross-culturally.

You may serve in a variety of ways. You may serve our children by teaching them English, build relationships with the local youth with the purpose of sharing the Gospel, help practically around the house, and the list goes on. You will earn no wage and you will experience hardships, but it will be an experience that will shape your life forever!

Take part in an experience that will shape your life forever!

Author: World Outreach