This unprecedented time has created unprecedented opportunities.


Our missionaries need funds to help people within the communities they’re endeavouring to reach. These funds will be used to purchase food, medicines and other basic necessities to help people struggling to get by.

Even though there are many restrictions across multiple nations, loving compassion and practical expressions of Jesus’ love are continuing every day. WO field workers are feeding and caring for people in places like Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Mozambique, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and many more places.

In World Outreach our primary focus is Unreached People Groups (UPGs).

Many have not heard of the virus, nor have any idea how it is transmitted, nor how to protect themselves. Many cannot wash and sanitise their hands regularly. Either from a lack of water or walking many miles to carry (dirty and contaminated) water.

They continue to greet each other in their cultural way, usually by touching. They do not know to sneeze or cough onto their elbow. ‘Social distancing’ is unheard of in many cultures.

In many communities HIV/AIDS and TB are very prolific. As you all know, COVID-19 is dangerous to people who have compromised health systems.


We can’t help everyone, but we want to help those with whom we’re already engaged.