So much to celebrate!

 was a common verbal expression of gratitude used by different participants as they began to leave the retreat centre on the last day.  There was a wonderful sense of the Holy Spirit with us throughout, right from the very first meeting.  Many encouraging prophecies were shared during the four nights and three days together along with some powerful words that were brought to WOI as an organisation. We also had lots of fun together.  The plenary sessions, the different regional field reports, the electives and the evening meeting ministry times were very well received.  Prophet/Pastor Alex Larsen prophesied over all the participants and everyone came away with a fresh ‘word’ from the Lord.

Here are just a few testimonies from WOI personnel:

From the first meeting to the last, I just wept, not sorrowful, rather joyful with the presence of the Lord ministering to me from day one.” (Christine)

“It was a wonderful time of fellowship, passionate worship, powerful prayer and prophecy and inspiring teaching. We also had a lot of laughter and good food. I was refreshed in body, soul and spirit. Thanks everyone.” (Stephanie)

“I must say we really enjoyed the celebration, especially the worship, the teaching sessions and the field reports. We were inspired and empowered anew. Thank you for all who organised things, and for spoiling us.” (Martin & Simone)

“The best time ever!” (Chris)

“For us the celebration was a time of spiritual refreshing and hearing from the Lord.  All the messages touched our hearts. We are so blessed to be part of WO.  It was great to come together to worship and thank God as well as enjoy great fellowship.” (Nathan & Sawsan)

From Guests / Observers

“We are friends of several WOI missionaries and really appreciated the opportunity to attend your 80th anniversary celebration.  We were impressed by three things in particular; (a) the strong emphasis on supporting the individual’s calling and ministry; (b) 80 year old WO’s willingness to adapt and be flexible in a changing world; (c) an infectious sense of humour and joyfulness that prove that WO is a family.  We were personally deeply blessed by participating in this celebration.” (Ernst)

“Thanks for a great conference. I nearly didn’t make it but by God’s grace I did in the end.  This celebration shaped my way of thinking, my vision and my ministry. I was looking for a lot of answers which I received by the end. Everything was well organised and a blessing to us all.” (Thuens)

We came to the conference with the expectancy of hearing from the Lord – and we were not disappointed.  From day 1 we only experience love, acceptance and encouragement.  We felt like every teaching session was talking to us and we were encouraged and strengthened at each session.  We have come away from the conference different people.  More sure of ourselves, more sure of our calling and that we are in God’s will.  We feel so light, the heaviness of the last couple of years has been taken away and we are going back to Mozambique with new zeal and purpose.”  (Eugene & Tina)

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