Prayer and Fasting July 2017


Week Four

Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th July 2017.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the fourth and final week of our special month of praying, fasting and seeking God. This week’s list will carry us through to the 31st.

Just below is an updated list of prayer requests from the WOI family. The ones received since the last update are at the top. 

Mark 10:46-52 records the story of blind Bartimaeus miraculously receiving his sight. What’s intriguing about this story is the seemingly mystifying question Jesus asked Bartimaeus after he responded to Jesus’ invitation to come. Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” Wasn’t it obvious? Couldn’t Jesus see that he was blind? Of course, Jesus knew. So why did he ask such an unusual question? I would suggest that Jesus asked him this question because he wanted Bartimaeus to express faith by articulating what he really wanted. Jesus wanted him to be specific. Bartimaeus replied boldly and specifically, “Rabbi, I want to see.” Jesus acknowledged his faith (“…your faith has healed you”) and immediately Bartimaeus received his sight.

What are the lessons for us? Even though Jesus knows and sees our needs (like Bartimaeus’ blindness), he wants us to pray as if we were answering the question, “What do you want me to do for you?” Be specific, be detailed, be clear and be expectant! Pray in faith and believe for your specific prayer to be answered in miraculous ways. What do you want?     

Please let us know of anything the Lord prophetically puts on your heart.   

Thank you for your commitment to pray.



Bruce Hills
International Director

You Are Invited …

… to participate in the World Outreach International (WOI) Prayer, Fasting & Praise focus for the whole month of July 2017. WOI personnel from all around the globe will be locking into at least one day (or more) in the month of July to seek and petition the Lord on behalf of ministry plans, strategies & goals associated with WOI.

Want to join us?

If so contact us with your name and country of residence. Each week in July WOI will email you a Prayer, Fasting & praise update.

For more prayer requests visit our prayer page:

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