Each of us can play a part in the Great Commission. If you can’t give, and you can’t go, then we’d like to invite you to partner with us in prayer. The power and effectiveness of this ministry is indispensable. Personnel on the field are very aware that they come up against spiritual battles, your prayer support builds their faith and provides a covering that is effective and greatly appreciated. Join with us as we take the Gospel to the Nations. Some sow, some reap but we all rejoice together.

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Some of our latest prayer requests:

Updated 20th July 2017




Nathan Bassaly wrote that ‘…the Egyptian summer is when churches run their conferences and kids’ camps. But the government has ordered that all Christian events be cancelled for security reasons. One of the biggest leaders of ISIS in Iraq has been killed and now they are planning to persecute all the Christians here in Egypt to take revenge. Please pray for all the Christians here. May our Lord Jesus protect our churches and defeat the devil’s plans.’


Kitbok R wrote to ask prayer for northeast India as ‘…massive floods have hit Assam, Arunachal and Manipur, displacing millions of people. This has also affected hundreds of house church believers. Please pray for the believers that somehow or the other they will not drown physically and spiritually in the flood.’


Grant Franke requests prayer this week for his literacy and word schools. A number of students are Muslims and a have a fully-fledged witchdoctor in our Memba group. His name is Acacio and there is a huge spiritual battle going on in his life. The areas the schools are in are steeped in Animism and Islam. The names of the areas are: Mashiloni, Memba and Shivatu.


Janvier Yokoinele’s (Ivory Coast) liver, which is currently being treated.

Colleen Wilson’s husband, Michael, as he has Stage 4 bowel cancer.

Emily and Tobias’ Ling’s (Ethiopia) eczema, along with Tobias’ nut, dairy and egg allergies

Doreen Khoza’s (South Africa) recovery after recent health issues

Shee Wai Chia (Singapore) as he continues to battle cancer


Please pray for the Asia Ladies Retreat that will take place end of September. The theme is “In Christ I Am”. Our desire is to see the women deeply impacted by this truth and live in the fullness of it. Pray they will also leave refreshed and encouraged with a renewed sense of God’s calling on their lives.


Nick and Emily Ling ask for prayer as they learn the Amharic language in Ethiopia, that they would adapt to the new country, culture and people, and for open doors into the Lake Tana Community and for God to prepare people of peace

Helen Hernandez asks for wisdom and guidance as the team in Burkina Faso transitions.


Ivory Coast

Janvier and Claudine Yokoinele ask that we join with them in praying for the remaining funds so the new school building can be completed by the end of the summer holidays.


Burkina Faso

Joseph and Aimee Dayamba request prayer for provision and wisdom as Joseph receives his Doctorate in mid-July.



John and Mary N in Vietnam need urgent funds to complete a building project so they can relocate. $13,000 urgently needed. 



Sam and Carol require a miracle to see the new stage of their school in Kalimantan completed.



Claris & Shirley van der Merwe ask for the Lord’s provision for the university education of their son, Jacob.



Phiri Williams asks for prayer for financial support to attend the Nations course in South Africa and for his ministry, documentation and personal needs in Mozambique. 



Shan Fortuna would appreciate prayer for the provision of a reliable ministry vehicle.




The members of Team Sakura ask for prayer for courage and right words to share the full gospel message, for protection from intimidation from the forces of darkness and people who intend evil, for provision in health, finances and protection, for the spreading of the gospel through the two main LPR’s in Sakura, and for open doors and opportunities to meet with the people God has prepared to hear the good news through the Team.

Burkina Faso

Noel and Diana Hermoso request prayer for the following outreaches in Burkina Faso among the Mossi, Lobi, Fulani and Gourunanse people groups in: Gounghin, Zongo, Kamboinse, Yaabo, Yaho, Tengkodogo, Idani and ToroKoro.


They also seek prayer for their children’s ministries in these outreaches (above), more children’s ministry workers, the effectiveness of their equipping and discipleship programs, their evangelism efforts, the schools they’re involved with in Nonsin and in Leba for the students and teachers.



Chris and Nadine Brittain seek prayer for a full time administrator for the Kairos/Simply Mobilising ministry in Australia and for the Kairos, Youth Kairos, Unfinished Story graduates to find effective involvement in the world Christian movement.

Japan and Mozambique

Jo and Jenny request prayer in their two fields. First, in Japan for more local labourers to be raised up and for new people coming every week to the services to meet with the Lord. Second, in Mozambique for more breakthrough in the more hard core Koti communities, breakthrough in the Mwani work and a new generation of church planters to be raised up.


Thailand / Bangkok

Rahab Ministries ask for prayer for their outreach teams as they go out and meet with the women in the bars every Thursday evening. Pray that God will speak to the hearts of the women who attend the bimonthly Bible study.



Eliza Diaz requests prayer for their ministry inside the local prison. The last months have been quite difficult to go inside the prison. Pray that the believers inside the prison will remain faithful to the Lord and disciple others. Pray for a breakthrough in being able to access the prison to serve and ministry to the lives of people.



Owen and Glynis Willows request prayer that the Cambodian Churches will be stretched to infuse their communities with his love and for courage to break from the ‘old ways’.


Di Sanderson, serving in Swaziland, asks for prayer so she’ll be enabled to bond with the tutors of high school dropouts returning to prepare & complete Senior Certificate examinations. Personally, she asks for sustaining guidance, grace & general good health.



Colin and Jenny Ayling request prayer for their Maziotela Ministries Leadership training school in early July. Please pray for the Mozambican teams leading these monthly schools. There is much hunger, but also much spiritual opposition as they turn from the powers of animism.


Myriam Wahr asks for prayer for the locals that are coming to their “Word of God – seminar” that they may really encounter the love of God, repent and give their lives to Jesus. Please also pray for protection as they have been experiencing spiritual attacks on their healthcare-workers. Pray for Murula, one village in the Mossuril-district they are working in, it’s a spiritual dark place and pray for the whole Mossuril-Team.

South Africa

David and Doreen Khoza ask for prayer for strength for the lecturers to continue with the work of the Lord, finances for the students to be able to pay their College fees and for the state of South Africa which is experiencing riots.


Theo and Mignonne Schumann request prayer for an open door for them to be able to live in the Bo-Kaap. They believe this is strategic, but need miraculous intervention. Please pray for: the right property/workspace for a workshop to reach the unemployed/unprivileged; Mignonne as she builds new relationships with kids, parents and teachers in the school, and for them to adjust to their new lives in Cape Town.



Leadership Development Seminars

David Borja, WOI Leadership Development Director, asks for prayer for: provision of finances for seminars and support for the team; discernment in regards to which cities & countries to prioritise running leadership conferences; blessing on the seminars in the next few months in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Vietnam; and for more workers to join the team.


Vietnam and Bangladesh

Please pray for kids’ ministry teacher training seminars in Vietnam & Bangladesh.



Stephanie Herron asks for prayer for the new group of students that will be starting the pastoral course (3 years) at the end of July. Pray for obstacles to be removed and for their hearts to be open and eager to grow in their relationship with the Lord.



Eugene & Tina Wessels ask for prayer as they transition into their new field leadership role and look for a new home and local church


Pornchai Banchasawan requests prayer in his new ministry position in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Jonathan Tembo asks to join him in praying for the Lord’s help in starting his ministry in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.



Rodney and Juliet Munkhondya in Malawi have realised that many people they minister to cannot read the Bible. As a result, they are believing God to start Adult literacy classes. Please pray that God may provide all that is need for this program. Pray for their son’s education as of late there has been a lot of obstacles.



Please pray for Ivan Venter and the South African country office team as they build strong foundations of unity in SA between supporting Churches and WOI-SA, that they’d be a source of encouragement for the WOI missionaries and for a mission’s revival in Africa.

Thank you for praying. It does make a difference!