Vijaya Chowdhuri




Dhaka capital city of Bangladesh


Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC)

1. Church planting / leadership training
2. Village schools teaching and teaching children
3. Adult literacy
4. Practical humanitarian aid


In 1979 Bishu and Vijaya founded Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC), a full-time residential, non-denominational centre for men and women. Subjects include leadership training, children’s ministry, primary school teaching, adult literacy, basic health care and income generation skills.

Church Planting / Leadership Training
In the past seven years Vijaya has seen about 40 churches planted with the help of local workers. The main goal of the CDC, with church planting, is to raise up leaders who will eventually be able to care for and evangelise their own people.

Village Schools
Eight schools are operating for the children of the poorest families in Bangladesh. Parents normally work in the garment factories and pulling rickshaws and earn less than US$2 per day. The class normally has up to 50 children attending.

Adult Literacy
Eight centres are run in key locations by ex-student couples who are normally pastoring or doing evangelism. The pastors wives normally run the courses for the village women while their husbands use the time to visit the village men who, if they are not working, are near or at home. The teaching training is in Bengali and uses Bible stories.

Practical Humanitarian Aid
Teaching basic health and hygiene skills such as caring for babies, giving medical advice and providing basic medication. Providing children, in some of the poorest villages, with milk, vitamins, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other basic necessities.

14 minute Gospel programs including testimonies are recorded at CDC and broadcast in Bangladesh on short wave radio.

CDC would like to setup a basic studio to start doing TV programs. The potential viewing audience of Bengalis is 200 million people.


Vijaya’s husband Bishu, who passed away in February 2010, was a former nuclear scientist with the Indian Government. Suffering a work related accident in 1963 that left him paralysed, Bishu had eight years of hospital rehabilitation including treatment in Australia, after which both he and Vijaya enrolled in WEC Tasmania. On completion of their training they began their work in Bangladesh.Vijaya, a nurse, met Bishu while nursing in the same hospital where he was being treated.

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