Stephanie Herron



Macia, Gaza, Mozambique


Stephanie ministers at the Bible Training Centre, Volta a Biblia (Portuguese for back to the Bible), in Macia, Gaza, Mozambique. Volta a Biblia is an interdenominational Bible training centre, equipping Portuguese (or Shangaan) speaking church leaders. They have a three month basic course for church workers focusing on salvation, evangelism and discipling, a three year church leaders course focusing on understanding and applying the Word of God, and transforming lives. They also run courses in 15 rural areas of Gaza province, teaching basic foundational Bible courses to church leaders in their own localities.

Stephanie is involved in teaching preventative health courses, a biblical answer to AIDS, and some bible subjects. She is also involved, together with Mozambican co-workers, in getting the curriculum written and computerised in both Portuguese and Shangaan.


Stephanie was born in New Zealand, brought up as a missionary kid in Singapore then trained as a veterinarian in New Zealand and a nursing auxiliary in South Africa.


Current Projects:

  • Raising funds to buy a transformer so that the electricity department in Macia will supply electricity not only to us but to several of the surrounding barios


  • People interested in developing small scale agricultural projects here at the centre that could help it to become self-supporting
  • Bible teachers (Portuguese speaking, or willing to learn Portuguese and Shangaan)
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