Shannie Fortuna

Shannie Mae Fortuna


Korat, Northeast Thailand


I served as a church staff for 8 years doing admin work and campus ministry in Davao City, Philippines before I came here to Thailand and joined the board game ministry team. My first mission exposure in this country back in 2010 has made such a big impact that it made me want to come back again. I finally left my comfort zone and became an intern of WOI in 2015. I’ve learned a lot from that experience which motivated me to take the Nations course the following year.

The board game ministry was turned over to our church partner Christian Community Church (CCC) early this year, which I joined as well.

Ministry Focus

The board game café has provided a natural connection with the community especially to the university students and became a platform for Christians to interact with locals. It also became our ministry centre.

CCC team is involved in the church planting movement here in Korat and beyond, and with the discipleship (professionals and university students) of the local community. As a part of the team, my ministry focus will be in the student and music ministry.

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