Roger & Vivienne Latham






Roger is a gifted musician who has trained hundreds of people to play the guitar and many other instruments. He is employed by the Northern Territory Government part time to train children in remote communities to play instruments and enjoy music.

One way Roger reaches out is through his crash course music program. This has been a great tool for establishing relationships with new communities. You can obtain a copy of his crash course guitar program from his website.

Vivienne reaches out through being a nurse and midwife in a local community called Beluyen. Working in the medical field, she has established strong relationships with the community and has been able to share the love of God to many.

To see the Kingdom of God come in a greater measure to the remote communities spread throughout the Northern Territory. We aim to do this by encouraging the Christians already on the ground in community, and facilitating labourers to come for short term or long term missions.

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