Noi Non Kongchaiyaphum

NOI NON & JEEN KONGCHAIYAPHUMKongchaiyaphum,-chawalit-(noi-non)


Bangkok, Thailand


Chawalit (Noi Non) is one of the Good News Team leaders.  The vision of the team is to make disciples by winning young people to Christ and helping them to grow in their Christian faith within the Thai church. They do this through outreaches into Thai state schools, preparing cartoon booklets with the story of Jesus, and Bible correspondence lessons as a follow up to these outreaches and through partnership programs and training seminars with local churches as well as youth camps and children’s camps.

Noi Non came to Christ when he was 18 through the love he experienced in a local Church. He was the first of his Buddhist family to believe and his parents and brother were strongly opposed to his decision. He kept praying for them and showing Christ’s love. It took nine years, but now they all belong to Jesus. When Noi Non entered bible college, God challenged him from Isaiah: “Who will I send and who will go for Me? ” He knew God was speaking to his heart and promised to serve Him for his whole life. Noi Non has been in the Good News Team for eight years and each year has been able to tell thousands of children all over Thailand how they can know Jesus. Noi Non and his wife Jeen have two children, Fasai and Dawan.

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