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A significant outpouring of God’s Spirit, in the Philippines, the latter part of the 20th Century saw the Filipino Church grow from 5,000 local churches in 1970 to 40,000 by 2000. By 1990 the Holy Spirit began moving the Filipino Church into cross-cultural missions. Living Springs International found itself caught up in a missions movement that has seen more than 30,000 Filipinos go through their Kairos course (a nine lesson course on world Christian mission) since it was started in 1994. Unprecedented mission’s mobilisation has resulted that now sees thousands of Filipino Christians serving in various countries of the world and all thirteen Least Reached Peoples within the Philippines now have one or several fellowships of worshiping believers.


From their Centre in the Philippines, Max and Dorothy and their international team oversee the expanding ministry of Simply Mobilizing International (previously known as LSI) both within the Philippines and beyond. More than eighty countries now conduct the Kairos course and it has been translated into 30 different languages. Of deep interest to the LSI team is the mobilisation of the Church in developing countries. The majority of the world’s more than 7,000 Least Reached Peoples are found in developing countries as is an increasingly vibrant, missions-minded Church.

For example, Indonesian Christians are beginning to reach out to their least-reached country men, as are Christians in Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Albania, Romania, and the list is growing all the time. We are beginning to see a new wave of global missions outreach involving the whole Church but in many respects, spearheaded by the non-western Church.


Our future is to facilitate the growth of a movement we have called Simply Mobilizing (SM). This movement is an outgrowth of the Kairos Course movement and involves multiple mobilisation courses and programs, the development of mobilisers and the ministry of mobilising. The end vision is to see the whole Church and all believers gainfully employed in the work of the Kingdom, especially to the world’s remaining Least Reached Peoples.

Imagine, with us, the possibilities of bringing Christ to our needy world if the largest number of believers that has ever existed on earth were mobilised for Kingdom ministry!


Funding assistance for our international leaders gathering in the Philippines this April and assistance in helping to further develop the SMI Center.


Opportunities exist to provide skills such as IT and graphic design including video production, at our Center in the Philippines, to help in the growth of the SM movement.



  • Four years in the NZ Army
  • Assistant Pastor for four years
  • International Director since 1982


  • Primary School teacher for six years
  • Church youth leader
  • Bible School for two years
  • Main ministry: Curriculum development


Max and Dorothy are both from New Zealand and have worked in the Philippines since the late 1970s. Their two children Rachelle and Kevin were both born there. Max and Dorothy now have five grandchildren.


Opportunites include financial sponsorship of projects related to the movement which includes translation and printing of materials and support for the development of new courses and programs.

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