Li De Jin




Chiang Rai, Thailand


Pioneering work to establish new churches, through starting:

  • Student centres, so that orphans and children from poor families have opportunities to receive education;
  • Chinese primary schools to share the gospel through education.

When we arrive at a new pioneering location, we will start work on three areas simultaneously:

  1. Start new churches through visitation, pastoral care and personal evangelism to share the gospel with the villagers. When two or three have believed in Jesus, we will lead them in worship services.
  2. Student centers: In mountain villages of north Thailand, the government schools usually go up to Primary 6 only. For the poor families, they cannot afford to send their children to towns at the foot of the mountains or to the cities for further education after Primary 6. The parents do not have any other option besides sending them to work in the cities. Therefore, we start student centers at the foot of the mountains so that these children are given the opportunity to further their education. In future, it is easier for them to find decent employment and lead a life that is honoring to God. At the same time, we use the word of God to train them to be the Lord’s disciples.

Chinese education: Providing Chinese education is a bridge for share the gospel to the students. Through teaching Chinese, as part of the curriculum, we also organise a variety of activities: Bible camps, Christmas outreaches, Spring Festival outreaches, etc

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