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John was born in a Christian family living in the province of Chiang Rai, which is located in the northern most part of Thailand. He has two brothers and two sisters and is the youngest in the family.

Nok was born in a Thai Buddhist family and now resides in the province of Pathumthani. Nok was saved in 1989 at the age of 17 years old and met John in that same year.

John and Nok got married on the 3rd of September, 1995.  They had their baby girl on the 19th of August 1996.  On September 6th 2006, John was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and the report said he was expected to live for less than two years. By the grace of God and the prayers of God’s people, John is alive today. John’s overall health is normal but he must take medicine regularly to control the blood cell count. In August 2013, John’s medical report said that there were no cancer cells found in his blood but he was advised to continue his medication.


1987–2002: John  worked with the Good News Team

1995–2002: Nok worked with the Good News Team

2003–present: John and Nok are pastors at Pathumthani Church


Thailand belongs to Jesus Christ.

God spoke to us in early 2002 that Thailand is a very important nation in the movement of God. Geographically, Thailand is in a very strategic position. It is located in such a situation as to influence many other countries. God has also said to us that the Korean people have had a reputation of sending out missionaries but in the future, Thailand will send out many missionaries.

At that time when God spoke to us, we thought that these ideas were only our own thoughts or perhaps God was talking to someone else. As we looked at ourselves and our capabilities, we seemed unqualified because we specialised in working with children and youth. We asked ourselves, “Why is God saying to us what we feel is so large and beyond our comprehension when we don’t have the expertise to accomplish what God has said?”

On July 2002, we had the privilege of visiting the church of Pastor Leo Hanssen in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the midst of the youth who were gathered at the conference then, a young Malaysian man came to us and handed us a small piece of paper.  Written on that piece of paper it said the following:

 Nok: You will be a person with greater influence than even now. You will have influence even over the authorities and governments. John: God will bring the whole area of healing and miracles into your ministry. Sick people will get healed and you will see the dead rise up again. Both of you shall be a leader of leaders and impact not only the nation of Thailand but also neighbouring countries.

When we read this message, we felt so happy but we did not understand what it meant because the message referred to things we had never done and even thought about. We had no idea how these things would ever be possible for us.

Early in the Year of 2003, our home church needed somebody to shepherd the church. We both decided to step out in faith and accepted the position as pastors of Pathumthani Church. The Church started with three families and we have served as Pastors from then until now.

In 2012, we had the opportunity to attend the 80th anniversary of World Outreach International in Chiang Mai. At the conference we heard the reports regarding rapid multiplication of the new believers and churches in India. We were so interested and eager to get a chance to ask questions and learn about the possibilities of making new believers in a very short span of time. After that, we were helped by Lorraine, who coordinated and arranged for trainings and teachings regarding Church Planting Movements (CPM). Since then, a big transformation has taken place. Many things had to change, including reorganisation of the church and planning our time differently to spend it with the right people. We had to pray and trust God for financial provision so that new streams of churches could be started.

Since 2010 we have seen more than 5,000 Thai Buddhists in 24 provinces of Thailand turn away from their old ways to worship the true and living God. Three dead people have come alive. Many are healed every day. In every place, the believers’ agricultural produce is good quality and sales are better compared to others. In spite of the fact that the economy and the political situation are unfavorable right now, the Kingdom of God has come in their midst. Jesus Christ is providing His people with more benefits than the government has given them. Some new believers are baptising others every day and 28 local believers are committed to being trained as leaders. They are dedicating their lives to working with us to go and make disciples for the next 10 years. Yes, discipleship is a journey and we feel that we are still exploring the journey of how to help Thai people follow Jesus as his faithful disciples.

On New Year’s Day of January 2010, I (Nok), saw many people go to the temple to make merit and worship the idols there. I asked myself, “Is it possible for Thailand to belong to Christ?” Suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me, and He said:

All of these idols are made by human hands. I say to you that I will deal with all of these through the victory of my right hand. Restoration will come to your people. The Holy Spirit will move and miracles will happen by my Spirit like in the days when Jesus was doing His ministry on earth. I am watching. All this will surely happen in your life time. Do not trust in what human hands have made. It won’t last. I am able to make one generation forget their gods with no difficulty and another generation will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be steadfast in their faith. These I can do if only…perhaps, if there is someone who believes in me, I will do it.

From that time, even though sometimes we feel that our faith is as small as a mustard seed, yet the Word of God says that faith as small as a mustard seed is enough to move any mountain and cast it into the sea. If you are reading this, then please agree with us in faith for Thailand to belong to Jesus!


A Summary Of The Work Since 2014 – Present

In 2014, we focused on the training. There were 19 trainees from house church network in 8 provinces; 1.Samut Sakhon, 2.Maha Sarakham, 3.Buriram 4.Surin, 5.Chiang Rai, 6.Lampang, 7.Phatthalung, 8.Pathum Thani. The network management in the first 5 provinces report to 1 senior pastor. For Lampang and Phatthalung, they report directly to local leaders that interested in having house church.

At the end of year 2015, we changed our target group to a more specific audience. We chose the 25 believers, the member of Pathum Thani’s church. Because the organization of house church network from the first 5 province as mention above has shifted their focus to other subject than evangelism and discipleship and made it difficult to work together. Therefore this year, we decided to trained new set of leaders with the goal that they will be send out to oversee the believer in 4 provinces, Kamphaengphet 700 believers, Lampang 200 believers, Pathum Thani 80 believers, Kanchanaburi 30 believers.

Since 2016 we have gain 30 more family of believers in Suphan Buri province and 5 family in Khonkaen province. The house church group formed itself naturally without Christianity form or ritual in the church structure. But it was the meeting between believers. There were testimonies and sharing of gospel. They taught by storytelling method, they prayed in Buddhist style and they gave offering according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of the above, they’re still using the old Thai traditional way.

This year we have recorded many testimonies for the benefit of the new generation of believers.

In 2017, from our goal in 2015 was we will nurture the believer in these 4 provinces, Kamphaengphet 700 believers, Lampang 200 believers, Pathum Thani 80 believers, Kanchanaburi 30 believers. But because of the limitation of the believer in Kamphaengphet and Kanchanaburi, we have to stopped our discipleship program. But at the same time, we gain 30 more family of believers in Suphan Buri province and 5 family in Khonkaen province.

Therefore this year we have added 4 more goals that we wanted to do alongside each other:

  1. Let the people in the villages evangelize naturally but with purpose. We want to see the rest of the villagers hear the good news, every family. Start from the family that experience sickness. In Suphan Buri province has 130 family, 30 family are now believer. In Khonkaen province has 25 family, 5 family are now believer.
  2. To go back to the place we used to be and partner with the people God had already chosen to be His vessel in each villages. In the past, the leaders of the church network were obstacle in our work progress but at the same time when we were working with the people in the community. We found and knew a child of peace that became the gateway for us to others in the villages. This year we felt challenged to build up the wall that have been torn down. It might not finish in 52 days but if the Lord guide us, we will see those 4 provinces that got left behind be renew again, Kamphaengphet more that 700 believers, Lampang 200 family, Surin 50 family, Burirum 90 family.
  3. The recording of testimonies still on going.
  4. Media and publications for evangelism and discipleship. We’ve updated the material to be suitable for Buddhist Thai believer, easy to understand and acceptable in their eyes.


Goal for Phase 1: Target by 2016 will be 729 workers who are dedicated to make disciples. Some will work to support themselves but will also able to devote their time to disciple others.

Goal for Phase 2: Starting from the total workers of 729 in the Year 2017 and within 10 years, they are steadily making disciples, the number of Thai people saved will be completed by then.

Tools for success to reach the target in Phase 1 is:

  • Lessons easy to teach and understand.
  • Training disciples regularly.
  • Write easy songs that convey the meaning truthfully.


An Interview with Nok from World Outreach International on Vimeo.

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