John and Marie Anton

John and Marie Anton



South East Asia

John & Marie work among two Least Reached People Groups in South East Asia – Malay Muslims of Thailand and the Thai Muslims. Together these two Unreached People Groups number around eight million.

The New Testament is complete for the Malay Muslims of Thailand but there are only a few gospel portions in the language used by the Thai Muslims. Translation work is ongoing as co-workers labour to complete several more books and the New Testament.

Our team of five work mostly among the Thai Muslims. Teaching and training sessions are run to equip the local church with evangelism approaches thereby involving the Thai church in reaching this Least Reached People Group.

Discipleship plays a major role in grounding new believers in their new found faith and giving new understanding to the mercy and grace of God seen through His Son and their Saviour Isa al-mesih – the Lord Jesus.

MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) are gathered in cell groups that meet weekly in members homes to teach the truths of Scripture and to ground them in their faith.

Pray that our efforts will bring Thai Muslims to the Saviour and thereby eliminating their name from the list of “Least Reached Peoples”.

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